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College of First-Year Students, Nanjing University

In order to comprehensively implement the fundamental task of establishing moral education in universities in the new era, deepen and improve the new pattern of “five educations”, and comprehensively build a new system of “three elements and four dimensions” talent cultivation in the new era, Nanjing University established the College of First-Year Students in July 2020. The College of First-Year Students is an educational and management institution for first-year full-time undergraduate students, with the Student Education Center and the seven academies of Bingwen, Xingzhi, Youxun, Anbang,Yuxiu, Kaijia and Jianxiong. The College of First-Year Students is committed to systematically integrating liberal education with professional education, focusing on the cultivation of both arts and science and humanities and science literacy, and emphasizing students’ independent choice and personalized development needs.

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